HuFoSS is a non-profit foundation that aims to stimulate innovative initiatives for a sustainable natural and built environment.



MarBEFES kick off

Kick-off MarBEFES

In the first week of October we attended the first general meeting of MarBEFES, in which HuFoSS operates as one of the leading partners. By invitation of the Polish Institute of Oceanography (IOPAN), more than sixty European fellow researchers gathered in sunny Sopot, located on the Baltic Sea. Over…

MarinSABRES kick off

Kick-off MarineSABRES

In the middle of September, the first general meeting of MarineSABRES, in which HuFoSS is one of the leading partners, was held in Cork. At the invitation of the Irish Research Center for Energy, Climate and Marine Research and Innovation (MaREI), we became acquainted with the international group…

MarBEFES kick off logo

MarinSABRES kick off logo.