HuFoSS is a non-profit foundation that aims to stimulate innovative initiatives for a sustainable natural and built environment.



MarineSABRES: Well begun is half done

Visiting Capraia with our Italian colleagues. The first stakeholder visits for the MarineSABRES project are completed. Thanks to our amazing colleagues from Pisa University, for introducing us to great people, the…

Kantoor Hufoss


HuFoSS has found a new home. Since the beginning of the new year we reside in a self-designed office made entirely out of wood. Timber construction is environmentally friendly, in…


MarBEFES: Sardinia

At the end of February we undertook our first research trip for MARBEFES, to Sardinia. We stayed in the surroundings of Oristano and Cabras, along the western coast of the island. We conducted interviews and surveys with many different stakeholders. We would like to thank all of them…

Santander UK

MARBEFES: Bay of Biscay

In mid-March we will descend to the northern coast of Spain to visit Bahía de Santander and the surrounding coast of the Bay of Biscay, in the Cantabria region. A coastal area that is not only known for the beauty of its cliffs and beaches, but also for…

MarBEFES kick off logo

MarinSABRES kick off logo.