Disclaimer for HuFoSS

HuFoSS takes great care to guarantee the accuracy of the information on its websites. However, the
websites are intended for informational use only. HuFoSS therefore accepts no responsibility for its
accuracy and applicability, and its use is at your own risk. The HuFoSS websites may contain
hyperlinks to other websites not controlled by HuFoSS. HuFoSS is not responsible or liable for the
content, accuracy, applicability and availability of these websites.
HuFoSS is not liable for any direct and/or indirect damage resulting from the operation of the
HuFoSS websites or the use of information on the HuFoSS websites. Dutch law applies to the HuFoSS
websites and this disclaimer. If the English version of this text leads to different interpretations, the
Dutch text will prevail.

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