International research into the biodiversity, functions, and socio-economic services of marine ecosystems

HuFoSS, together with 25 other European research institutes, participates in two proposals for European research within the EU Horizon Europe program (1: MARBEFES – MARine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning leading to Ecosystem Services, and 2: MARINE SABRES: MARINE Systems Approaches for Biodiversity Resilience and Ecosystem Sustainability). In both proposals, we want to explore the links between the conservation and protection of biodiversity and the structure and functioning of ecosystems. This can help to obtain goods (e.g. fish), services (e.g. recreation), and the associated social and economic benefits (e.g. jobs, income) from those ecosystems in a sustainable and efficient manner. In the proposals we will compare the coastal areas of Europe and islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Any awards will be announced at the beginning of 2022.