MarineSABRES project


MarineSABRES: MARINE Systems Approaches for Biodiversity Resilience and Ecosystem Sustainability

MARINE SABRESThe Marine SABRES project is a Horizon Europe Programme to reinforce the European Green Deal program and will be financed by the EU from September 2022 for the coming 4 years. Among the 22 research institutes, from 11 European countries, HuFoSS is one of the lead partners.

The aim of Marine SABRES is to enable stakeholders, such as practitioners, managers, scientists, policy and the public at large, to make well-informed decisions regarding the balance between conservation and protection of marine biodiversity, the maintenance of the natural structure and processes of marine ecosystems; and the support of a sustainable delivery of societal goods and benefits in coastal and marine sectors. Such by effectively translating scientific knowledge into management and conservation action and to empower citizens to be engaged. To this end, Marine SABRES will bring stakeholders together to co-design a simple Social-Ecological System framework to accelerate the uptake of Ecosystem-Based Management and to strengthen interventions and measures for the protection and conservation of coastal and marine areas, their biodiversity and ecosystem services.

HuFoSS will steer the creation of participatory stakeholder groups in the study areas, will lead interactive stakeholder surveys on what to their opinion are the most important elements of the natural, social-cultural and economic environment they live in and what are the main pressures and drivers of change in their environment. Moreover, the stakeholders will be invited to co-design the project and to test or deliver feedback on project results.

The study areas range from the Arctic North-East Atlantic (Iceland, Greenland, Faroes; to study effects of climate change and the management of commercial fisheries), to the Macaronesian islands further south in the Atlantic (Azores, Madeira, Canaries; to focus on the development of conservation, restoration and ecotourism). For comparison an area on the European mainland, the Italian Tuscan Archipelago will be studied for effects of tourism and effectiveness of conservation of seagrass beds.

Kick-off MarineSABRES

MarinSABRES kick offIn the middle of September, the first general meeting of MarineSABRES, in which HuFoSS is one of the leading partners, was held in Cork. At the invitation of the Irish Research Center for Energy, Climate and Marine Research and Innovation (MaREI), we became acquainted with the international group of researchers with whom we will be working on this innovative interdisciplinary project for the next four years. The role of HuFoSS is aimed at inquiring residents and institutions on the participating islands about their perception of the marine and coastal environment and engaging them in research, so that the results align with wishes and needs of citizens and policymakers.

We look forward to empowering all to make informed decisions based on a healthy balance between marine ecosystems, marine economy and social well-being.