Our mission:

HuFoSS encourages innovative ecological, technical and socio-cultural activities and research for:

  • strengthening our natural environment,
  • the development of sustainable and, where feasible energy-neutral, concepts in the event of utilisation of our natural or built environment,
  • ideas that have a socially reinforcing character.

There is no doubt that our natural environment is under pressure. The way in which we as people deal with our environment will have to be changed in the short term in order to cause not too great irreversible damage to our natural environment. To limit or even prevent this damage, HuFoSS will therefore only support innovative activities and research into the utilization or development of our environment if this is done in a sustainable and energy-neutral manner, in harmony with nature and society. To achieve that, HuFoSS will not follow the “beaten track”, but as a rule will opt for a forward-looking and innovative approach.