Herman Hummel

Prof. Dr. Herman Hummel Marine ecologist

Besides my chairmanship for HuFoSS, I am coordinator of the North Sea Research Centre at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ-NSRC in Yerseke and Texel), and professor at the Oceanographic Institute of the University of Gdansk, Poland. At my work, I unfortunately see often in meetings the researchers, policymakers and stakeholders talk past each other. Many remain stuck within their own field of interest. As a result, a great deal of knowledge and experience remains unused, consultations are slow, and decisions are not shared. And the really necessary decisions to achieve a more sustainable society are not taken or are (too) late and incomplete. Within HuFoSS, therefore, it is my goal to bring different parties and approaches together to achieve a more sustainable nature and society. I like to see such a sustainable environment because in addition to my work, in my free time I can be found more outside than inside: at home, besides the necessary housekeeping, I am mainly busy in the garden, for sports especially on waterways to row, and for vacation often in the mountains for hiking from mountain-cabin to mountain-cabin.