Reinhout Hummel MSc. Structural engineer

Actually I have a love for construction activities from an early age. I could watch fascinated for hours at construction projects. That is why, after high school, the only logical choice for me to continue my studies was in construction engineering. After my education, through the middle and higher technical schools and university, the jobs were not easily available and I was, in the midst of the last crisis period, already happy to have been offered a job, and I started to work in offshore buildings. When the oil market collapsed with the subsequent austerity, I made the decision to go back to my roots: construction engineering. Since then I have been working in various functions as an engineer. Hereby I was able to gain expertise in (technical) process improvement and implementation. I use these skills within HuFoSS to improve the relationship between people, its built environment, and the natural environment.
  • Eindhoven