HuFoSS Board

HuFoSS currently has a three-person Board.

Herman Hummel is currently the Chairman, Christiaan Hummel the Treasurer, and Reinhout Hummel the Secretary.

Herman Hummel

Prof. Dr. Herman Hummel Marine ecologist

Besides my chairmanship for HuFoSS, I am coordinator of the North Sea Research Centre at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ-NSRC in Yerseke and Texel), and professor at the Oceanographic Institute of the University of Gdansk, Poland. At my work, I unfortunately see often in meetings the researchers, policymakers and stakeholders talk past each other. Many remain stuck within their own field of interest. As a result, a great deal of knowledge and experience remains unused, consultations are slow, and decisions are not shared. And the really necessary decisions to achieve a more sustainable society are not taken or are (too) late and incomplete. Within HuFoSS, therefore, it is my goal to bring different parties and approaches together to achieve a more sustainable nature and society. I like to see such a sustainable environment because in addition to my work, in my free time I can be found more outside than inside: at home, besides the necessary housekeeping, I am mainly busy in the garden, for sports especially on waterways to row, and for vacation often in the mountains for hiking from mountain-cabin to mountain-cabin.
Christiaan Hummel

Christiaan Hummel MSc. Marine biologist

I have a strong interest in nature reserves, and how they can best be arranged to help to safeguard our future on earth. My expertise is to connect various parties involved in nature conservation areas in order to create optimal societal support for the design of a nature conservation area. I live and am active in a “Central Living” project, a form of housing where the emphasis is on social cohesion between the residents, and where we work together on the future. Within HuFoSS I want to contribute in creating broader social support for nature development and in maintaining a healthy environment for our future generations.

Reinhout Hummel MSc. Structural engineer

Reinhout Hummel MSc. Structural engineer

Actually I have a love for construction activities from an early age. I could watch fascinated for hours at construction projects. That is why, after high school, the only logical choice for me to continue my studies was in construction engineering. After my education, through the middle and higher technical schools and university, the jobs were not easily available and I was, in the midst of the last crisis period, already happy to have been offered a job, and I started to work in offshore buildings. When the oil market collapsed with the subsequent austerity, I made the decision to go back to my roots: construction engineering. Since then I have been working in various functions as an engineer. Hereby I was able to gain expertise in (technical) process improvement and implementation. I use these skills within HuFoSS to improve the relationship between people, its built environment, and the natural environment.